Air curtains are the best solution to keep the cold air inside. It is very much suited for big showrooms, supermarkets, jewelers showrooms, shopping malls, etc. Where centralized is in continuous flow the air curtains play an important role to keep the cold air inside.It can be used to block or prevent the flow of air coming from the outside and into the room. This is important if you want to control the gush of air that might come in from the outside or from another area. And with this purpose you can also control the temperature of the room where you installed the air curtain.

It has a very powerful motor or blower that ensures a continued and forceful flow of air for many industrial and also commercial applications. It is also help to create a more healthy and comfortable work environment by reducing the infiltration of insects, dust and contaminated air that can come in from outdoors. This is especially important in stores that have food or other consumables.

Vibha Systems air curtains are manufactures under stringent control having the following features :
:: Made of CRCA or Stainless Steel.
:: Powder Coated Finish Provides extended life and corrosion resistance.
:: Unique blower design for optimum air volume at low noise level.
:: Louvers at nozzle are adjustable for effective deflection of air.
:: Robust trouble-free motor designed for continuous operation.
:: Available in attractive color combination of ivory and brown.
:: Manufactured to meet GMP Standards.

How Vibha Systems air curtains function:
Air curtains produce smooth and uniform air throw from above the door way thereby controlling thermal transition, dust, smell, smoke and flying insects.