Machine enclosures curtains, partitions and machine guards curtains are versatile, economical and highly effective

Machine Guarding Enclosures

Enclosures curtains are used to add environmentally-controlled work areas within a facility faster and more economically than constructing fixed walls. Because they can be expanded or reconfigured as needs change, modular enclosures are more versatile and longer lasting. Every enclosure is custom designed to meet the needs of the application.

• Cost Efficient vs. Brick & Mortar
• Quick & Convenient Privacy Areas
• Multiple Mounting Options
• Easy Installation & Operation
• Controls Airflow, Contaminants, Temperature, Odors, Sound & Light


Vibha Systems designs, manufacture and installs softwall enclosures for machines. Our curtains and screens are used in a number of applications, such as welding booths or temporary partition walls. Vibha curtains separate temperatures, dust, smoke, overspray and humidity and can be customized to fit work spaces of any shape and size, while offering an affordable alternative to expensive and permanent walls. Enclosures are an excellent way to create individualized work

Industrial Machine Enclosures

• Manufacturing
• General Industries
• Food Processing
• Pharmaceutical
• Chemical
• Automotive
• And Many More!
• Wash/Spray Down Areas
• Work Area Dividers
• Corrosive Environments
• Production Areas
• Grinding Areas
• Prep Stations

You can order a variety of sizes of our machine guard curtain for use in several different areas or in multiple facilities. Need a custom industrial curtain size you can’t seem to find? Call 0091 – 8778727437 or 9500161736  request a quote and we will connect you with a sales consultant to discuss your application and individual project requirements.

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