PVC Flap Curtains

Vibha Systems is leading company who offer PVC Flap Curtains, PVC Strip Curtains, Industrial Screens, Strip Door Curtains for Varies industry in India. Our professional installation people have wide knowledge and we did lot of PVC Strip Curtain projects at all over India.
Our products include PVC Flap Curtains, PVC Strip Curtains, PVC Door Curtains, Cold Room Plastic Strip Curtains, AC Cooling Control Plastic Curtains, PVC Strip Curtain Rolls, Cold Storage Curtains, Warehouse Curtains, Industrial Curtains (including the Hanging Hardware’s, Mounting Rails). We supply this range to Indian markets, as well as export to all over World.

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PVC Flap Curtains

Standard Grade for Door Entry Areas:
PVC Flap Curtains come in rolls of 50 meter lengths, in widths of 200, 300 or 400mm and thicknesses of 2, 3 or 4 mm other sizes are available on request
Clear or Polar Grade (for cold chain applications):
Our PVC Flap Curtains are flexible even minus 50 degree temperature on cold room, cold storage areas.
Anti Insect amber for Food and storage areas:
Our Amber PVC Flap Curtains come up with yellow orange color, which enables to protect against the flys and insects.
PVC Flaps for Welding Booths:
Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains range carries the EN1598  and is available in sheets and strips
Why PVC Flap Curtains:
With large volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in warehouses, retail stores and food manufacturing facilities, the associated ingress of unwanted elements is a given. Our high quality PVC flap curtains offer an affordable and viable solution for a number of applications. Flap curtains are an inexpensive way to protect a door opening with a robust thermal seal that will prevent the ingress of hot air yet still allow easy passage for both personnel and vehicular traffic
Hanging Systems for PVC Flap Curtains
Hanging system- Powder Coated M. S. Chanel/ Stainless Steel/ Aluminium Chanel / Sliding Track

Project Video:

Advantages and Salient features of PVC Flap Curtains:
• Admit light
• Reduce heat or cold air loss
• Isolate noisy machinery
• Keep temperature & humidity under control
• Require minimum maintenance
• Prevent Birds/ Flies etc to enter in the working area
• U. V. Stabilized, clear TRPT, Flexible PVC Strips
• Easy installations

Application Areas for PVC Flap Curtains:

Roller Shutter Doors
Industrial Doors
Warehouse Opening
Factory entry Doors
Manufacturing Facility
Clean Room Walls
Painting, Welding, Washing, Grinding Bays

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