PVC Strip Curtains Application Areas :

PVC Strip Curtains  which is widely used in industries for keeping out the Hot Air, Smoke, Noise, Dust, And Harmful Fumes, Insect out of the place. These PVC Sheets also save power as they do not contain electric drive.

  • Preventing heat loss
  • Maintaining a cool temperature
  • Keeping birds or insects out of an area
  • Reduce the amount of dust entering an area
  • Dividing working areas
  • Storage and delivery areas


Industrial PVC Strip Curtains:

strip door curtains chennai

PVC Strip Curtains Chennai

amber color pvc strip curtains

amber color pvc strip curtains

PVC Strip Curtains India

PVC Strip Curtains India


PVC Strip Curtains divide entire facilities to reduce dust, create privacy, form temperature zones, or allow for safer work environments. This type of product can be useful to divide internal working areas, it also can be applied and isolate a machinery that creates dust or noise from the rest of the industrial working area. Basically it can be a huge help for your company’s logistics. It will improve the working comfort and you will gain in many aspects. You can stop many of these problems simply installing one of our Strip Curtains. The optimal view that our strip curtains guarantee thank to their transparency is a big advantage because it allows a perfect view.


  • Notable energy savings
  • Easy installing
  • Affordable yet reliable
  • Several colours available
  • Completely customizable

Our Pvc strips curtains are a good chance to make most of your goods and to improve the logistic of your company and the problems of dust and noise that a machinery can cause. It is also suitable for heavy pedestrian and fork lift traffic.