PVC Strip Curtains Installation Chennai:

Looking solution for dust, insects, noise, temperature maintain problems on factory, industry and processing units. Vibha Systems pvc strip curtains is a perfect solution for solve the issues.

Dust Control PVC Curtains Chennai

pvc curtains online

pvc curtains online


Insect Control  PVC Curtains Chennai

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PVC Flap Curtains

Temperature Control PVC Curtains Chennai

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PVC Strip Curtains for Door

Data Center PVC Curtains Chennai

Anti Static PVC Strip Curtains

Anti Static PVC Strip Curtains

Soft wall PVC Curtains

Softwall Cleanroom Strip Curtains

Softwall Cleanroom Strip Curtains

AC Control PVC Strip Curtains

pvc curtains online bangalore

pvc curtains online bangalore

Benefits of using Vibha Systems PVC Strip Curtains and Doors
• Can be installed in minutes
• Conserve conditioned air, even in high-activity areas
• Reduce heating and refrigeration costs
• Reduce noise levels
• Easy to clean and maintain

PVC Strip Curtains are the safe solution for entrances with constant pedestrian and motor traffic, as they are fully transparent for maximum visibility. The PVC strips are available in a choice of grades depending on application, from internal pedestrian doorways to heavy duty external vehicular entrances. Polar grade is specifically for use in freezer and low temperature storage areas

Three standard PVC strip sizes available:

200mm wide x 2mm thick – for normal internal openings and pedestrian access
200mm wide x 2mm thick – for normal medium openings and Loading and unloading areas
300mm wide x 3mm thick – for Commercial use and Heavy industrial traffic

Other widths and thicknesses of PVC strip can be supplied, depend on application and quantity, Virtually any size of doorway can be fitted, up to a maximum height of 25 Feet.

Standard strips are clear and transparent
Visual markers – red or blue strips
Welding bay curtains – green or red strips
Freezer storage areas – Polar grade clear PVC
Site work
Full service from advice to site survey, manufacture, delivery and installation. Any additional support steelwork can be designed and fabricated by us in our own purpose built workshop

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