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PVC Strip Curtains available in varying widths and lengths are attached to a aluminum rail. While operation, the strips overlap and allow easy and convenient passing of people or vehicles. Apart from this there are various applications that are used across varies industries.

PVC curtain strips also help to maintain hygiene by keeping dirt, dust, and insects away.

PVC strip curtains are the most energy-efficient solution that by reducing heat loss leaves a great impact upon excessive electricity consumption especially in some temperature regulated areas. Their numerous benefits and huge applications across various sectors of different industries have made these curtains an extremely adaptable tool.


PVC Strip Curtains Suppliers Chennai provide space, heat and toxic containment barriers and birds control for several factories. It gives large manufacturing companies a great opportunity to save money by dealing with the problems brought about by drought and unnecessary heat loss. Almost any type of industrial building can benefit from this kind of pvc strip curtains.

To ensure quality and durability, these curtains are manufactured from elastic and fire-retardant fabrics up to Class 0.

Types of PVC Strip Curtains

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PVC Strip Curtains Suppliers Chennai

PVC Strip Curtains Suppliers Chennai