Wash Room Hand Dryers

Vibha Systems hand dryers are different from other conventional wash room hand dryers in many ways. This hand dryer can dry your hands in only ten seconds.

The cost of the hand dryer  is of course very cost-effective as this is a one time purchase without any refills or other expenses. They are quite easy to install and prove to be very reliable and safe. The hand dryers are must in a bathroom , rest rooms works  and well for all commercial areas. This will help you keep a very hygienic public restroom with only the essential liquid soap and foam, and the drying of the hands will be taken care of by this environmentally friendly automatic hand dryer.

This model has a excellent powerful motor, wide mouthed nozzle and sturdy heating element, runs a wide tunnel of fast moving warm air to dry hands quickly and efficiently in just 20 -25 seconds.

Wash room hand dryers are normally found in hotels, offices, restaurant bathrooms,  airports,  schools, factories, engineering  industries, spa, wedding halls,  home, malls and conference venues.

Technical Details :
Brand Name: Vibha Systems
Model No : VS – HD02
Sensor: Yes
Power (W): 650
Voltage (V): 220
Material: ABS Plastic
Rated Power: 1800W
Blowing Volume:147.383 m / h
Air speed :17.8m/s
Dry Time: 20~25sec
Unit Weight:4.6kg
Installation: Wall Mounted