Vibha systems clear Polar grade plastic strip is manufactured especially for cold storage, cold stores, refrigerated vehicles and freezer rooms. It is suitable for temperature from -40c to +25c.

Our Polar grade Frezzer PVC strip curtains has been designed specifically for use in deep freeze environments making it ideal for use in cold stores, chilled areas, cold rooms and freezer rooms.

Normal PVC will start to go brittle at about -10C, but our freezer grade PVC will stay flexible down to a staggering -40c due to an additional ‘deep freeze’ plasticiser which is added during the manufacturing process.

Mounting option: SS 304 Grade Hook on Systems, SS Sliding Track Curtains

  • 200mm*2mm*50m
  • 200mm*3mm*50m

Low cost and easy to maintain
Maintains the rooms ambient temperature
Prevents the loss of hot or cold air
An affordable, economical and safe solution
Decreases energy expenses
Creates an easy passage for personnel, carts, forklifts and other machinery
Polar Grades PVC Strip Curtains are used in

Cold Storage’s

Cold Rooms

Freezer Rooms

Food Processing Units


Commercial Kitchen Stores



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