Anti Static ESD PVC Strip Curtains manufactured to reduce the static charge associated with plastic strip and dissipates the same back into the atmosphere.

Anti Static PVC Strip Curtains- Electronic Industry, Electronics Manufacturing Facility, Clean Rooms

Antistatic PVC Strip Curtains is a high static dissipative (antistatic) material. It avoids sparks and all others damages resulting of static electrical charges.

Antistatic strips Curtains and partitions can be used in varied applications such as, explosive atmosphere (mining, chemical sites, laboratories, etc…) or in static electric sensitive areas (datacenters, electronic part factories, packaging, etc…)

ESD Curtains for laboratories, data centers, electronic industry


  • Static-dissipative vinyl
  • Flexibility
  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Long durability
  • Impact & scratch resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Environment friendly & recyclable

PVC Strip Curtains are most preferable product for loading and unloading docks. our clear transparent pvc strip curtains have good transparency compare to other suppliers in chennai, india. using our transparent pvc strip curtains, clear pvc strip curtains will get huge benefits which include unlimited access by forklifts and pedestrians, energy conservation, increased efficiency on the shop floor, rounded edges to avoid injury to pedestrians, effective reduction in heat, cold , humidity-loss, noise and dust transmission, prevents birds, flies, dust, heat from entering the working area. transparent pvc strip curtains are easy to maintain using plain water

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