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Vibha Systems PVC Strip Door Curtains Give Energy Saving Solutions. The global crusade for power conservations compels everyone from large corporations to sole traders to reduce power consumption. There are different ways and means to lessen your electricity consumption. One of the easiest ways is simply to install a Vibha Strip Door curtain. These PVC strip curtains offer a cost-efficient way of reducing energy right out of the box, and with its simple install your customers will benefit immediately. The most important function of strip curtains is to keep the temperature in an enclosed setting stable as far as possible. In other words, they keep a cooled room cold and a warm room warm. There are actually a lot of instances where temperature stability in a unit is necessary. With cold storage sections, the necessity to keep frigid air inside the enclosed unit is great. Vinyl strip door curtains are made of PVC strips positioned together having overlapping side panels.

They’re installed above entry doors and create a shield between two rooms or compartments. While they retain cold air or warm air inside the compartment, they allow easier passage. This makes them important in industrial, storage & manufacturing areas. Strip door curtains save electricity consumption by trapping air in the inner compartment and maintaining the temperature inside steady. This cuts the work load on refrigeration systems. This means less electricity is required to keep the temperature stable resulting in lower workloads on refrigeration systems and in return this minimizes the cost of operation. Where this is more evident is frequently opened doors where staff members are leaving the door open while moving in & out of the room. Recent studies have shown that by simply installing a PVC Strip door curtain you can achieve a energy saving of 9% compaired to doors left unprotected. Apart from keeping air temperature inside an enclosed space stable, PVC strip curtains likewise form a shield from dust, insects and pollutants. This makes them crucial in food manufacturing industries. More over they also help in the barring of UV radiation and noise. Vibha PVC Strip Door Curtains a designed to resist tough conditions. Available to suit coldrooms or freeze rooms.

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