Warehouse PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains are the safe solution for warehouse entrances with continuous pedestrian and motor traffic, as they are fully transparent for maximum visibility. Warehouse PVC strip curtains are available in various grades depending on application, from internal pedestrian doorways to heavy duty external vehicular entrances.
PVC Strip Curtains can be provided with a static or sliding hanging system. The static system uses either stainless steel or aluminum rails which can be soffit or face fixed. This allows for the easy replacement of strips and provides for a overlap as required.

PVC strip sizes available:
200mm wide x 2mm thick – for small internal openings and pedestrian access
200mm wide x 3mm thick – for normal use and light industrial traffic
300mm wide x 3mm thick – with greater wind resistance for heavy traffic use and external applications

Other widths and thicknesses of PVC strip can be supplied, dependent on application and quantity.

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