Welding Booth Strip Curtains and Screens – Protect Your Work Area & Welders with Our High Quality Welding Curtains

Welding Strip Curtains are mainly used for protect the Welder from the welding spark and rays during the welding process on welding booths and fabrication units. The welder protects himself by wearing a welding mask and protective clothing but bystanders are exposed to the same dangers.  We can supply a wide range of welding Booth PVC Curtain products, such as welding strip curtains, Welding Screens, Welding blankets in booth type, movable Screen type, It can be custom-made according to the client’s specifications.


Welding Curtains Type:

  • Stand Alone Welding Strip Curtains
  • Stand Alone Welding Screen
  • Mobile Welding Blankets
  • Sliding Welding Curtains
  • Movable Welding Curtains

Welding Booth PVC Strip Curtains:




200mm*2mm, 200mm*3mm* 300mm*2mm, 300mm*3mm

Mounting Option:

SS Hook on Systems, Aluminium Channel, Sling Track, Floor Mounted Booth, Movable Frame with Wheel

Welding Screen Products:

Our Welding Screen will come up Custom made MS powder coated Frame with Screen for Different sizes. We have 0.5mm thickness Welding screen available with different colors such as black, green, red, orange. Our custom made welding screen products are easy handling anywhere the unit. These screens are easily covering the welding area with suitable frame with movable wheels.

Welding booth screens and curtains provide a protective barrier between the welding area and general workplace where workers may be exposed to welding hazards. Welding curtains are available in several configurations to fit a variety of applications. A properly installed welding curtain or welding screen will help protect workers and the work area from the hazards associated with welding such as sparks, spatter and ultraviolet light

Application Areas:

Assembly area, Fabrication Unit, Painting booth, Grinding Area, Welding Bay

Our sales team is available on 09500161736/ 7200022050 if you have any questions about ordering welding curtains and screen requirements.