specializes in the manufacturing of auto body shop curtain walls to fit any space for a variety of uses relative to the auto body shop units

Insulated Curtains

If your primary objective is to insulate or divide temperature zones in your facility, then you can install our insulated warehouse divider curtains. These curtains come in 5 Feet wide panels which Velcro together and have R-Values which range from R3 to R15. The insulated warehouse divider walls also come with all of the standard features of the non-insulated dividers but have an inner double batting antimicrobial core.


Insulated wall curtains is the  modern warehouse wall that’s flexible, insulated, modular, and adaptable to virtually any warehouse environment. An alternative to rigid panels and traditional dry wall, insulated wall curtains helps to create humidity and temperature-controlled warehouse space with ease and efficiency.

Whether your business is keeping seasonal produce, craft beer, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, or has machinery that requires humidity and temperature control – our modular warehouse curtain wall helps partition your warehouse space to create the right environment for your business needs.

Temperature Control Curtain Walls

Vibha Systems insulated curtains is Ideal For

  • Refrigerated areas & freezers
  • Containment for storage and work space
  • Cold storage freezers
  • Warehouse separation with temperature controlled space
  • Food & beverage industry including food processing plants
  • 3 PLS (Third Party Logistics) including refrigerated trucks
  • Loading docks
  • Data centers

You can order a variety of sizes of our body shop strip curtain for use in several different areas or in multiple facilities. Need a custom industrial curtain size you can’t seem to find? Call 0091 – 8778727437 or 9500161736  request a quote and we will connect you with a sales consultant to discuss your application and individual project requirements.

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