PVC Strip Rolls

PVC strip rolls can be adapted to the mode of operation, temperature or special requirements. Standard pvc strips are most commonly used. This is the most versatile roll due to the range of usable temperature and application possibilities. PVC strips may additionally have reinforcement in the form of longitudinal ribbing. The strips are available in various colors and with varying degrees of transparency. Specialist applications are made of fireproof, anti static and welding grades.

PVC Strip Rolls:

200mm*2mm*50meter,  200mm*3mm*50meter, 300mm*2mm*50meter; 300mm*3mm*50meter, 400mm*3mm*50meter


Transparent, flexible, economical smooth PVC for indoor and outdoor applications from 150°F to -10°F. Made from compounds that meet federal and international requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, or dairy products.

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Provides protection as a partial sight barrier against ultra-violet and blue- light radiation in welding screen applications. vibha systems welding grade rolls is designed to block far ultra-violet light and is ideal to protect employees from accidental blue light exposure



Impedes the ability for flying insects to identify the door opening by affecting their capacity to sense heat and light. Revolutionary product utilizes Citronella lemongrass scent to repel insects from the door opening. For use in environments from -10° F to 150°


Softer, more flexible, transparent smooth PVC designed to resist cracking and breaking in freezer applications to -40 degree Celsius. Made from compounds that meet federal and international requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, or dairy products.

anti static pvc strip curtain roll


Designed for static-sensitive or high-dust applications. Ideal for data centers, server rooms, clean rooms and electronics manufacturing facilities


Durable ribbed material reduces scratching from loads passing through opening. Designed for heavy-duty, high-traffic applications in environments

We offer a variety of strip curtains which can cater to your specific requirements. From our polar grade strip curtains, which are ideal for frozen rooms, such as chillers and cold stores doors, to our anti-static flame retardant strip curtains, which improve the efficiency of air conditioning in data centres, we have the right strip curtains for you. All of our curtains are made to order to meet your exact requirements. They can be fitted by our team of experts or sent out as part of a kit to allow you install them with ease.