Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains

This insect amber pvc strip curtain is translucent yellow in colour and contains oil of citronella, to act as a deterrent to flying insects. It is ideal for use in internal or external pedestrian doorways that may be subject to high volumes of traffic. Acting as a barrier against flys, insects and air pollution, it is also an extremely effective method of controlling ambient temperatures between areas.


  • Specifically formulated for the control of pests and flying insects
  • Effective temperature control
  • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
  • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
  • Coloured warning strips also available
  • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
  • Easy to install



Our products to include: insect control pvc strip curtains, pvc sheet, swing doors are used extensively in this market sector, our supply concentrates on supermarkets, food storage and manufacturing industries, refrigeration and commercial kitchen doors, processing lab dividers, abatoirs, fish markets and cold room doors.

Standard PVC Strip Curtain Sizes :

2mmX200mm,  2mmX300mm, 3mmX200mm; 3mmX300mm, 4mmX200mm

Anti Insect PVC Air Curtains

Application Areas:

Loading and Unloading Bays
Warehouse Forklift Movement Areas
Kitchens doors
Commercial kitchen units
Food processing units
Pharma industries
Food storage warehouse
Meat industry
Dairy units
Shutter Doors


Insect amber pvc strip curtains is an best solution for wherever that insects aren’t welcome. Insect amber pvc strip curtains made with a especially formulated repellent material that wards off insects. Sanitation authorities are highly concerned with the hygiene conditions of food and drug handling areas. This product is available in various specifications that meet individual requirements of esteemed clientele. Offered range ensures the user friendly nature that meets the demands of valuable customers.

You can order a variety of sizes of our PVC strip curtain for use in several different areas or in multiple facilities. Need a custom industrial strip curtain size you can’t seem to find? Call 0091 – 9500161736 or request a quote and we will connect you with a sales consultant to discuss your application and individual project requirements.