Bodyshop curtains for prep stations, griding booths, paint booths, sanding booths, wash bays, detailing bays

Body Shop Strip Curtains

Body shop pvc curtains are an excellent way to keep your workshop sealed, safe and secure. They simply and economically separate one workspace from the next and protect your customers and workers. Industrial strip curtains can be used in large areas that require both environmental separation and easy access. Pvc strip curtain walls also aid in reducing energy bills as they eliminate the need to heat or cool unused areas. They are the perfect alternative to permanent walls. Both flexible and adaptable, industrial curtains from vibha systems are the best option for managing your environment. The strips are made of transparent or colored plastic in full or partial overlap, these strips can create real partition walls suitable to divide rooms and sheds.

Industrial Body shop PVC Strip Curtains Applications:

Warehouse Dividers PVC Strip Curtains
Room Dividers PVC Strip Curtains
Machine Guard PVC Strip Curtains
Spray Paint Booths PVC Strip Curtains
Woodworking PVC Strip Curtains
Warehouse PVC Strip Curtains
Aircraft Partitions PVC Strip Curtains
Sand Blasting Curtains PVC Strip Curtains
Auto Body Curtains PVC Strip Curtains

Body Shop Curtains

Room Dividers PVC Strip Curtains, Machine Guard PVC Strip Curtains, Spray Paint Booths PVC Strip Curtains, Woodworking PVC Strip Curtains, Warehouse PVC Strip Curtains, Aircraft Partitions PVC Strip Curtains, Sand Blasting Curtains PVC Strip Curtains, Auto Body Curtains PVC Strip Curtains
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