pvc strip curtains are economical, saves energy and improves the efficiency of refrigeration, cold storage facilities

Clean Room PVC Strip Curtains

Clean room pvc strip curtains are easy to install, maintain and if necessary repair or replace. They are very versatile and can adapt to a wide range of applications. Strip doors  are commonly used as a secondary barrier when the primary barrier is left open for extended periods of time. Clean room strip curtains permit unimpeded traffic flow of personnel, materials or equipment and maximizes productivity. When used in conjunction with cooler and freezer doors, strip doors are a cost-effective solution for saving energy, maintaining temperature and reducing condensation and icing problems inside coolers and freezers. Maintaining proper temperature inside coolers and freezers ensures that products are stored at specified temperatures, reducing spoilage and extending shelf life.


Clean room curtains are a simple solution to reduce unwanted infiltration, add comfort to your employees’ work environment and increase productivity. When used on a loading dock, they provide protection against noise, wind, dust, pollution and contaminants. They can also be used to provide barriers around equipment, to partition large warehouse areas into different areas.

Other Benefits of Clean Room Strip Doors

  • Cost effective barrier system
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Fewer accidents at doorways
  • Improve traffic flow and streamline operations
  • Create a comfortable work environment
  • Control temperature differential
  • Creates environmental barrier against wind, dust & noise

Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains Application Areas.

Pharmaceutical Industries
Manufacturing Plants
Cold Storage
Dairy Industry
Freeze Zones
Packaging Industries
Processing of Agricultural Products
Health Care Facilities
Food Processing Zones

Clean Room PVC Strip Curtains
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