pvc strip curtains are economical, saves energy and improves the efficiency of refrigeration, cold storage facilities

PVC Strip Curtains for Docks

Industrial Strip Doors & Strip Curtains for Warehouse Docks and Doors

Strip doors and pvc strip curtains are perfect for minimizing hot and cold weather from entering the building. As an added benefit, our door strips curtains also minimize birds and pests from entering and contaminating products and shelves. Plastic air curtain doors come in a variety of sizes and thickness’ for all door configurations.

Placing industrial strip curtains on your loading and shipping docks is an excellent way to increase productivity and make an easier working environment for your employees. No matter how big or small your loading bay doors are, hanging these kinds of transparent PVC covers over the opening will improve your work zone immensely.

Outside Warehouses: Whether it’s for a shared shipping/receiving door or multiple docking bays across your building, strip curtains will help keep out the elements, better regulate your inside temperature and serve as a physical break between the inside and the outside.

Clear Polar grade plastic strip is manufactured especially for cold warehouse, cold stores, refrigerated vehicles and freezer rooms. It is suitable for temperature from -40c to +25c.

Available sizes – 200mm x 2mm | 200mm x 3mm

Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains Application Areas.

Pharmaceutical Industries
Manufacturing Plants
Hotels & Kitchen Area
Cold Storage
Dairy Industry
Freeze Zones
Packaging Industries
Processing of Agricultural Products
Health Care Facilities
Food Processing Zones

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