flexible pvc strip curtains are economical saves energy and improves the efficiency of refrigeration, cold storage facilities

Vinyl Strip Curtains

Vinyl strip curtains provide an easy and cost-effective method of reducing heat loss or retaining chilled air in areas where control of the environment is important. PVC strip curtains are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, the most common being:

  • External doorways commonly with heavy traffic
  • Internal doorways commonly with pedestrianised traffic
  • Welding booths – both mobile and fixed
  • Sound booths
  • Dust, spray and/or fume barriers
  • Temperature controlled lorries
  • Temporary or permanent partitioning

The reason that vinyl strip curtains are used in such areas is because they have such a

wide range of benefits the most common being:

  • Reducing expensive fuel bills
  • Improving workplace safety
  • Improving working environment
  • Retaining heat and chilled air
  • Reducing noise levels
  • Reducing dust and fumes
  • Helping to exclude birds and vermin

Vinyl PVC Strip Curtains Application Areas.

Pharmaceutical Industries
Manufacturing Plants
Hotels & Kitchen Area
Cold Storage
Dairy Industry
Freeze Zones
Packaging Industries
Processing of Agricultural Products
Health Care Facilities
Food Processing Zones

Flexible PVC Plastic Curtains

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