Anti Static PVC Strip Curtains

The anti-static pvc strip curtains is enriched with additives that prevent the formation and accumulation of electrostatic charges on its surface. PVC strips made of anti-static grade find application in the production of strip curtains used in places where electrostatic discharge or sparking can not occur. Due to the light hygroscopic properties, the film absorbs (up to 2% of the volume) water, it should not be stored in warehouses with high humidity.

PVC strips made of antistatic curtains are used in the electronics and electrotechnical industry, laboratories, warehouses, flammable materials warehouses, powder paint shops and paint shops.

Data Center PVC Strip Curtains can help you manage the air flow in your data centers, significantly increasing your cooling efficiencies, reducing your energy costs by up to 25%, increasing productivity and reducing costly downtime.

Most computer/server equipment draws cold in in from the front and exhausts it out the back.  Data Centers typically arrange their dense amount of computer equipment in rows either front to front or back to back, creating cold and hot aisles. Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle Containment PVC Strip Curtains are a cost effective means of providing air flow management by containing the cold and hot air in their respective aisles, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the computers/servers at the proper cooled temperature.


Application Areas:

Electronic Industry

Data Center



Anti-Static Strip Doors, Anti Static PVC Flap Curtains Chennai

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