PVC Strip Curtains for Machine Enclosure at Bengaluru site

Pvc strip curtains is an internal or external factory curtain wall used to provide quick, temporary segregation of two areas. Typical applications are to prevent cross contamination and overspray, create booths, segregate production lines during washdown, manage temperature and segregate large areas where regular access is required. Used externally strip curtains can offer accessible entry with weather protection on canopies and enclosures.



  • Installs quickly and cleanly
  • Designed and fixing to any height or length (subject to survey)
  • Range of bespoke design options
  • Resistance tested against a range of cleaning products
  • Antibacterial materials for food, beverage and packaging environments


  • Segregation of production lines for washdown processes
  • Create a low cost wall which restricts airflow in order to manage temperature
  • Prevent cross contamination between production lines
  • Employee protection; welding curtains, spray booths, robot surrounds

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PVC Strip Curtains are essentially overlapping flexible pvc strips, also known as pvc strip doors, are widely used in areas that require safe, clean and comfortable work space. They act as a secondary barrier, and protects the work space from dust, pollutants, insects, birds and noise, when there is a necessity to leave the primary door open. PVC Strip Curtains are the most economical solution for temperature control in cold storage and partitioning work space