PVC Strip Curtains for Shop Entrances


Vibha systems PVC Strip Curtains which are high quality, DOP free, transparent clear material. These curtains are suitable to create doorways and partitions of all sizes in open areas. These curtains are the ideal solution for narrow and extremely large openings, where doors and gates cannot be installed. They are reasonably priced and perfectly insulated and provide a good barrier against cold drafts, noise, dust etc. The curtains provide easy to and fro passage for vehicles, cargo and people due to their transparency, flexibility as well the hanging system. For doorways used by fork trucks, pallet trucks and small vehicles a thicker grade of PVC curtain is recommended with a reinforcing buffer/rib. This helps against the stress and strain associated with these environments.

 Available Sizes:


200mm wide x 2mm thickness

200mm wide x 3mm thickness

300mm wide x 2mm thickness

300mm wide x 3mm thickness


Basic colour range: Transparent, White, Grey, Black, Red, Opaque-blue, Green,

Yellow (amber).

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