Welding PVC Strip Curtains

Welding PVC Strip Curtains are designed to deliver a safe, durable and economical barrier against sparks and welding arc flashes. Welding grade material will protect your workers from harmful UV rays omitted during the welding process.

Benefits of Welding PVC Strip Curtains

Workplace Safety
Protect The welder against reflection of the welding light
Heavy duty ultra-violet light absorber, creating a safer working environment
Suitable for workshop areas where welding, cutting and grinding operations take place
protection against dangerous Blue Light
Ultra Violet (UV) rays control
protected against the hazardous radiation

Welding Booth PVC Strip Curtains

Welding PVC Strip curtains are available in dark red, dark green, this is to screen out the hazardous UV rays and welding flash, you can see through the material when light radiates from behind the pvc screen, and the pvc strip provides optical protection from metal welding and flash.  It also protects workers from sparks and hot metal projectiles that can cause severe burns to unprotected skin and can cause fires.

Application Areas:

Fabrication Unit
Welding Bays
Engineering Industry
Automobile Units
Every facility with a welding process


Standard PVC Strip Curtain Sizes :

2mmX200mm,  2mmX300mm, 3mmX200mm; 3mmX300mm, 4mmX200mm


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Welding Booth Strip Curtains

You can order a variety of sizes of our Welding PVC strip curtain for use in several different areas or in multiple facilities. Need a custom industrial strip curtain size you can’t seem to find? Call 0091 – 9500161736 or request a quote and we will connect you with a sales consultant to discuss your application and individual project requirements.