Vibha Sytems offer custom Car Wash Curtains and Auto body Shop Curtains to your specific requirements. Our car detailing curtains are fabricated using 18 oz pvc vinyl material that has sewn seams at the top, bottom and each side of the curtain. Our Car Wash PVC vinyl curtains are manufactured in custom or standard sizes, typically 8ft, 10ft or 12ft high to any length you need. The curtains are made in panel lengths that fit small and large areas and can be fitted to create an enclosure for the car service bays.

Our wash bay area enclosures help improve working conditions for your employees. These curtains can control temperature, odors, sound, and light, and can keep distractions at bay, allowing teams to work with a focused determination on the project at hand rather than be pulled away by the sight or sound of something else going on in your facility.

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