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Warehouse Divider Curtains – Vibha Systems Softwall Curtains for Warehouse Partition

Maximising your industrial space is easy. Vibha curtainsis the premium choice for almost instant segregation of diverse or specialist activity areas. The unique design utilises existing framework and is tensioned to the floor, removing the need for any further framework or time-consuming construction consent process. This design enables perfect fit around any protrusion. Installation is a fast clean process with minimal disruption and contamination risk.

If your priority is safety,Vibha flexible warehouse curtain wall offers control options for many and varied specifications including:

Chemical and dust contamination

Warehouse Divider Curtain Benefits

  • reduce your warehouse heating and cooling bills
  • seal off unused floor space for future use
  • vinyl warehouse dividers are less expensive than fixed walls
  • contains dust from wind and work processes
  • contains paint over spray for large scale painting projects
  • contains smoke from assembly and manufacturing processes
  • control humidity for more comfortable work conditions
  • maintain a comfortable temperature for workers
  • great for cold storage warehouses and distribution centers

If you have areas within a warehouse that you would like to partition off, Vibha systems warehouse curtain dividers provide durable protection against dust, temperature and other warehouse hazards. You may have thought of dividing different warehouse areas and know this would save you money, but if you’ve investigated permanent wall construction, the average price of this type of partitioning is usually a deterrent.

Industrial warehouse divider curtains for warehouses of all sizes and shapes. We can supply standard vinyl warehouse curtain dividers to divide up space or provide insulated curtain walls which are ideal for creating temperature zones and humidity control. We can provide expert advice and solutions which will result in a successful smooth installation. In addition to educating you and your staff on the benefits and limitations of these large warehouse dividers, you will receive one of the most economical curtains on the market

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